(ICRAE 2014)


Organized by

Faculty of Education Sciences & Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" 30- 31 May 2014

Shkodra is a two thousand year old city, one of the oldest in Albania with rich culture and traditions, important center of Illyrian civilization. The city that carries a long early history often wearing the garb of myths and legends that was called Scodra, built originated near joining two rivers, Buna and Drin, but forever in this city are crossed cultures and traditions, are writing great works from came well known intellectuals. Lying near Shkodra Lake is the city where was founded the first printing press (1565), was wrote the first book on the history of Albania. In Shkodra was founded the first library in Albania at the end of the XVIII century, the city had at the beginning of the XIX century the largest bazaar in the Balkans with 2,500 stores. Shkodra for Albanians means the city that originated the art photography. Since 1858 in Shkodra was founded Marubi photographic atelier. But it is the city of very famous writers, painters and composers. In Shkodra you can enjoy wonderful nature, important cultural centers, museums, religious or early civilizations, why not architecture and characteristic houses.

Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences are most consolidated faculties of our University, with a tradition in the field of education, but also with very good experience in organizing scientific conferences as an integral part of the entire work that realizes the academic staff in education in conveying national values and scientific research. ICRAE 2014 Conference was organized by the Faculty of Education in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences and with all partner universities within and outside the country, is part of the scientific work that takes place in these faculties and follow ICRAE 2013 Conference. One of our strategies is the quality of scientific work and its impact on the growth of the scientific working level and increase academic performance with students of all three levels, Bachelor, Masters and PhD. We are convinced that the organization of scientific conferences from these two faculties of the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" is an opportunity and a contribution to exchange of experiences and achievements in the field of Research and Education, as a priority in order to realize our goals for European integration in the areas of education and science.

We would like to thank you in advance for your scientific contribution to the Scientific Conference and invite to encourage and promote as much as this collaboration in the future.
Visiting Shkodra during this period would be an unforgettable experience for you.

Prof. as. Dr. Gezim Dibra,
Faculty of Educational Sciences,

Prof. as. Dr. Mimoza Priku
Faculty of Social Sciences