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  • Archeology
  • Linguistics perspectives
  • New trends in Albanian Linguistics
  • New areas in the science of Albanology
  • Albanian Language and challenges in global development
  • Anthropology, culture and society in the Albanian context

Arts&Architecture, Culture:

  • History of art
  • Heritage in art
  • Arts & Education
  • Art in social and cultural context
  • The perception and understanding of arts
  • Development of arts &culture in the region and the global development
  • Architectural history and historic preservation
  • Architectural and landscape, housing- planning design.
  • Urban/building physics and technology.
  • Urban planning and design.
  • Architecture &urban design education


  • Lifelong learning
  • Effective pedagogy
  • Management education
  • Competencies ineducation
  • Role of leadership in education
  • Embracing the 21st-century skills
  • Education is the key to a better future
  • Pedagogy, curriculum and instruction
  • New methods in teaching and learning
  • Evaluation and assessment in education
  • New technologies in teaching and learning
  • Curriculum development-Finish experience
  • Inclusive classrooms and curriculum considerations
  • Education challenges and development for the future
  • Achievements and challenges in the development of ICT in education, in Albania,the region and beyond
  • Essential skill sets: creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, technological proficiency and global awareness.

Higher Education:

  • Higher education in our region
  • Quality assurance in higher education
  • Challenges of quality standards in education
  • Improvement of standards in higher education
  • Research studies in institutions of higher education
  • Global trends of development of non public education
  • Academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility
  • Policies, good governance and leadership in higher education
  • Accreditation and measuring performance in higher education of the region
  • Participations of higher education institutions in international/regional scientific projects

Information and Communication Technology:

  • ICT in education
  • ICT in society
  • ICT in humanities
  • ICT in economy
  • ICT in medicine
  • ICT in applicative sciences
  • Electronics engineering research
  • Information society,knowledge society
  • e business, e commerce, e government, e learning, e participation, e democracy

Media & Communication:

  • Ethics and media
  • Media and education
  • Communication and language
  • Media, political and social discourses
  • The role of mass media in sustainable development
  • Mass media and communication in the Albanian reality
  • Media today in the region, in context of global development
  • Professional communication techniques and innovations today


  • History today
  • Cultural trends
  • History of religion
  • Applied linguistics
  • Children's literature
  • History and tradition
  • Language acquisition
  • Theoretical linguistics
  • Literature in global age
  • Linguistics perspectives
  • Language and education
  • Studies on foreign languages
  • History, debate and discourse
  • Modernism and postmodernism
  • History and tradition in the region
  • Anthropology, culture and society
  • Translation and interpretation studies today
  • Geography (human, regional, political aspects)

Social Sciences:

  • Family & marriage
  • Social reintegration
  • Social network analysis
  • Gender politics and discourses
  • Ethic in psycho-social research
  • Issues of identity and globalization
  • Studies on organizations, work and profession
  • Social services and support for vulnerable groups
  • New social disparities/social and economic change
  • Social services and support for vulnerable categories
  • Social accountability, collective behavior and social movements
  • Researches on psychology of: education, social, health, organization
  • Professional communication in social environment and innovations techniques
  • Challenges and perspectives of psychological services and social work profession
  • Psycho-social development and its impact on individual and collective well-being


  • Disability and recreation
  • Tournaments and its problems
  • Championships and selectivity
  • Sport performance and psychological aspects
  • Massive sports and scientific quality selection
  • Problems of sports: basketball, football, volleyball
  • Assessment of athletics in young ages in the region
  • Achievements of development of sports in the region
  • Development of curricula from physical education, to sports and recreation
  • Evaluation of recreation, a challenge that must be overcome for our societies


  • Ethics in research
  • Space and organization 
  • Environmental changes 
  • Changes in population  
  • Waterfront development
  • Innovations and creativity
  • Heritage and development
  • Natural resources  and management
  • Research and innovations in education
  • Research, challenges and opportunities
  • Regional relations and spatial structures 
  • Research studies in developing countries
  • Natural and cultural heritage and management 
  • Reform of scientific journals, a challenge to overcome
  • Relationships between people, organization and territory 
  • Achievements and challenges for research studies in region
  • Development of geography in context of the technological development


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